Hello! I'm Lynsey Struthers. I'm a senior-level marketing, communications, digital strategy, and user experience consultant helping brands put their best foot forward.

Where I Excel

Armed with a deep understanding of your business and users, I can help:

  • Tell your organization's story in a way that resonates with your customers
  • Better communicate your value proposition
  • Structure and deliver content that’s findable, usable, and useful
  • Create online experiences that support your (and your customers') needs and goals
  • Provide actionable solutions to tough user experience challenges
  • Present your organization in the best light possible

While the focus of my work is primarily on the digital experience (my career was starting when the web was being born), I have wide exposure to and natural intincts for great visual design and written communications across all channels. (Ask about my foray into newspaper publishing as an 8-year-old.)

What I Do

Currently I’m a user experience consultant at Evantage Consulting, where I conduct research in support of our clients' product and service offerings and provide strategic insights into product development, design, marketing, and sales. My recent work includes engagements with leading brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Ecolab, General Mills, and Medtronic.


I’m a multipotentialite who can learn quickly, wear multiple hats, translate between different groups, lead project teams, and see the bigger picture. I thrive on variety. I bring high energy, positivity, diplomacy, and a sense of humor to every project.

Get in Touch

You can find me somewhere between the trendy North Loop of Minneapolis and the sleepier southern suburbs of the Twin Cities. Let's talk shop over coffee or cocktails.

Connect on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter, or email me at lynsey@lynseystruthers.com.

Lynsey Struthers, user experience consultant